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Who We Are

Roundnet Norway exists to bring people together around the great sport of Roundnet (commonly know as Spikeball). We are the connecting force between players and clubs in Norway, and outward to Europe and beyond!

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What We Do


Our Role Internationally 

At Roundnet Norway, we are dedicated to representing Norway in the European roundnet community. Whether you're just beginning, or played competitively before, our goal is to provide players the opportunity to go out and play internationally. We do this by making our community aware of upcoming tournaments, and supporting and encouraging players to travel and compete. 

Roundnet Norway is apart of the European Roundnet Association, which you can learn more about on our ¨Get Involved¨ page. 


Our Role in Norway

Within Norway we work to be the bridge between clubs, players and schools. We aim to be the connecting place for the different Roundnet communities that pop up throughout the country. We provide vision and leadership to see the sport move forwards and we encourage individuals to make an impact in their community. 

We also organise tournaments such as Scandinavian Championships, National's and smaller tournaments in main cities. 

About: What We Do


When you become a member you help legitimize both Roundnet Norway and the sport of Roundnet in Norway! Memberships help fund Roundnet Norway initiatives and give insight into the growth and demographic of our sport. A track record of consistent yearly memberships also puts us on the path to hopefully one day become recognised by organisations such as NIF (Norges Idrettsforbund). 

A Roundnet Norway membership is required to participate in all major Roundnet Norway events. Tournament registration fees will be reduced in order to compensate for the cost of membership. 


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