Get Involved

Get involved with the sport of Roundnet and become a part of this amazing community! 

There are opportunities  within Norway, across Europe and world wide.


Kristiansand Roundnet Club

Kristiansand Roundnet Club (KRC) began in 2018 and has been a big part of growing the sport in Kristiansand and across Norway. KRC hosts 1+ tournaments a year, including Scandinavian Roundnet Championships, 2019. KRC also organizes weekly pickup games, which are open to everyone of all levels. To get connected, check out our group on facebook! Link below...

If you want to start a club/ group in your own city, contact Roundnet Norway and let's make it happen!


National Team for Spikeball® Roundnet World Championships 2022

Roundnet Norway is seeking out the best and most dedicated ballers to represent Norway in the first ever World Championships of Roundnet in Belgium, September 2022. 

Each participating country creates a squad, which consists of a maximum of 5 male and 3 female teams. Leading up to September, we will be gathering players and teams who we believe are best suited to be on Norway's national team. If you would like to be a part of this amazing opportunity, contact us and we would love to talk with you. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or veteran, we invite everyone to try out. Once the team is made, preparation and training will begin!

Stay up to date on our Facebook page, and keep checking in here for more information and updates.


European Roundnet Association

The EURA facilitates all things Roundnet in Europe. They provide leadership for the participating countries, organise the yearly tour series including European Championships, and provides a system which ranks teams internationally. Check out their website to view past and upcoming tournaments, learn more about player eligibility and view the latest rankings.


Roundnet World

Roundnet World is a Roundnet content company that has been created because of the love for Roundnet worldwide. Roundnet is spreading fast! Day after day a new community is being set up worldwide. Roundnet World strives to document this incredible growth and give props to the people who are making it happen.